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Graphic Stripes for an Urban Summer (2)


Stripes adorn 60s and 70s silhouettes for an urban summer look for the contemporary woman.

Dolce&Gabbana looks towards the seaside to create an urban summer look, and one of the biggest trend of the Spring Summer 2016 season. Graphic stripes were all over the runways, and today they’re taking over the stores, and soon the streets. Though in line with the graphic trend, Dolce&Gabbana look towards a totally different inspiration: beach umbrellas and sun loungers which populate the Italian beaches, in an effort to bring elements of the seaside to the urban jungle.

Always broken up with white, the stripes come in a series of different directions (vertical, horizontal and oblique), as well as matched in a way to create different patterns. Cotton and brocade are alternated to fine knits as well as intricate lace and sequins creations. The colour palettes are summery, yet in line with urban dressing, from cool blues to burned orange and warming red, with denim, black or white used to break up the pattern, as are block seasonal hues. In true Dolce&Gabbana style, why not mix prints? Merge the graphic lines of the stripes to the delicate floral prints depicting wildflowers such as poppies and daisies for a statement look.





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